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LendingStar is marketplace finance connecting SMEs and investors.

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Small businesses need cash to invest and to keep growing their profits. Whether it is for a new computer, new office furniture or new people, a business needs funding to expand. LendingStar is a new marketplace finance connecting small businesses that require funding with investors who have capital to invest.

How to Start Getting Financing
for your Business on LendingStar?

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Sign up (create a Business Account), if you havent’ already.

Upload documents

Upload your outstanding invoice on our platform.


Once your invoice has been verified by our team, it will then be available on our platform for investors to review.

Get Offer

Should an investor offer to meet your financing request, you will then be prompted to “Accept” or “Reject” it at your own discretion.

How Much Financing Can You Get on LendingStar?

How much financing you can get on our platform will depend largely upon your invoice amount and quality.

Because your outstanding invoice is essentially what your investor will be putting money into, it will be key to meeting your financing goals.

To better illustrate this, here’s a real-live example from one of our loyal business users. See it here

Like to get a financing soluton tailored precisely to your business needs?

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What Does it Cost You to Use Our Service?

Our costs and charges are always clear, transparent, and written in plain English.
We’ll never charge you without your permission.

We only charge a platform fee of up to 4% of your total invoice amount for every successful invoice transaction.

invoice amount for every successful invoice transaction.

As to how much exactly you will pay us will vary according to your invoice amount.

Here’s how it’s calculated. Click here to view.

Who Qualifies to Receive Financing from our Investors?

In order to qualify to receive offers from our platform of investors to finance your business, you just need to meet the minimum criteria below:

  • Company must be Malaysian registered
  • Your company must be 6 months or more in operations
  • Invoice amount uploaded must be between RM5,000 and RM200,000