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Discover a New Way to Earn Solid Returns

As an investor on LendingStar, you gain the advantage of having a variety of SME invoices that are vetted and verfied by us to put your money to good use. How much you need to get started is not thousands, as your first hunch might be, but as little as RM10.

Yes, because we allow you to finance just a fraction of an invoice, or what is know as fractional investing, you thus get the benefit of investing even without having large funds at your

Here at LendingStar, we indeed make investing accessible to everyone.

How to Start Investing in
Invoices on LendingStar

To invest in an invoice in our marketplace finance, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

Create an account

Sign up (create an Investor Account) with us, if you haven’t already.

Review Invoices

View and review a variety of SME invoices once inside your dashboard.

Make an Offer

If an invoice piques your interest, simply make an offer to the SME with your preferred rates.

Begin Investing

The SME which invoice you choose to invest in will then be prompted to “Accept” or “Reject” your offer. Finally, upon acceptance, your investment process will thus begin, with your returns clearly stipulated in the terms.

How Much Returns You Can Expect from an Invoice Investment Here?

How much you can earn from investing in a small business’s invoice on our platform will largely depend on how much you invest.

For example, if you invest fully, but not fractionally, in an invoice worth RM100,000, which means you put up 85% of the total value of the invoice, or RM85,000, you will typically get between 4% and 5% of the total value of the invoice, or between RM4,000 and RM5,000 in return.

When Can you Expect to See Your Returns Then?

As for your returns, you will get them when the buyer / debtor of the SME, of whichit has agreed to fulfill the invoice payment to, completes payment to the SME which is usually up to 90 days after the invoice was issued.

Is Invoice Investment On LendingStar a Good Investment?

That depends who you ask. But the general consensus among most investors is
that getting between RM4,000 and RM5,000 from a RM85,000 investment in a 90-
day term is a pretty solid deal. Moreover, risk is substantially reduced when you invest in invoices on our platform because of the following reasons:

  • All invoices on our platform are vetted and verified by us to ensure of its quality and authencity.
  • Besides vetting all SMEs’ invoices, we also screen the SMEs themselves—like company background, profitability, and credit score—in ensuring you have a solid, safer investment.
  • To ensure your funds are safe and secure, we place them in a trust account is managed by a licensed trustee company TMF Group.

What Happens to Your Investment in Event Where a Buyer do not Pay?

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