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We Make Investing as Easy as Pie

The key to any great investment is that you have to invest in what you know.

Thankfully at LendingStar, it’s very easy to know what you’re getting into.

That’s because we make investing exactly like buying on Amazon.

Yes really!

As to what you’re buying, they are accounts receivables or invoices put up by SMEs.

Buy them at a discount and earn solid profits when payment is made by the buyer, which typically will not exceed 90 days.

Seriously, it can’t get any more straightforward and convenient than this.

How to Start Buying Accounts Receivables or Invoices on LendingStar

To invest in/ buy an invoice on LendingStar, all you need to do is the following:

Create an account

Sign up (create an Investor Account) with us, if you haven’t yet already.

Review Invoices

View and review a variety of SME invoices once inside your dashboard.

Make an Offer

If an invoice piques your interest, simply make a buying offer to the SME with your preferred rates.

Begin Investing

The SME which invoice you choose to invest in or buy will then be prompted to “Accept” or “Reject” your offer. Finally, upon acceptance, your investment process will thus begin, with your returns clearly stipulated in the terms.

How Much Returns Can You Expect from an Invoice Investment Here?

How much you can earn from investing / buying accounts receivables or invoices on our platform will largely depend on how much you invest.

For example, if you buy fully, but not fractionally, an invoice of $50,000 at $47,500 (5% discount), you will earn a profit or return of $2,500 when payment is made by the buyer, which typically will not exceed 90 days.

What is the Minimum Investment to Get Started?

To get started investing right away, all you have to do is deposit a minimum of $100 (with which you can withdraw at any time) into your LendingStar account.

The minimum to invest though is different.

It’s as little as $10, thanks to fractional investing. In fact, we encourage you to do this to both diversify your investment and portfolio.

Is Invoice Investment On LendingStar a Good Investment?

That depends who you ask. But the general consensus among most investors is that getting returns between 12% and 18% per annum (which are the current rates) is a pretty solid deal.

Moreover, risk is substantially reduced when you invest in / buy invoices on our platform due to the following reasons:

  • All invoices on our platform are vetted and verified by us to ensure their quality and authenticity.
  • Besides vetting all SMEs’ invoices, we also screen the SMEs themselves—like company background, profitability, and credit score—in ensuring you have a solid, safer investment.
  • To ensure your funds are safe and secure, we place them in a trust account managed not by us but by a licensed trustee company TMF Group.

What Happens to Your Investment in the Event a Buyer does not Pay its Invoice?

It is worth noting that all accounts receivables or invoices are recorded as an asset on a company’s balance sheet. This means there is a legal obligation for the buyer to pay off the debt.

However, in the event that the buyer does not pay its invoice on time, we rely on the measure below to help us quickly take action.

  • Soft collection: We co-operate with a debt enforcement agency in exerting the right level of pressure to maximise revenue collection.