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Supply Chain Finance for SMEs and Corporates

Event Description

Why compete when you can collaborate? Go at it alone when you can work together? Yet at the end of it all, benefit one another? And that’s essentially what supply chain finance is all about.

As an SME owner, it’s likely that you want to free up working capital, so you can funnel the cash into your business growth. Be it to pay employees, invest in new inventory, or meet upcoming expenses, cash flow is paramount to your company’s financial health and operational success.

Now, let’s assume your role is that of a buyer. It’s likely that you want longer payment terms from your suppliers (SMEs), so you can conserve cash and make new strategic investments.

Essentially what supply chain finance does is that it allows both SMEs and buyers to get what they want.

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Past Events

EnRoute Private Capital Meeting KL


On 28 March 2018, LendingStar attended the EnRoute Private Capital Meeting held at Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral. The event gave us a great opportunity to network with industry-leading players in the Private Equity and Venture Capital scene. Some of the attendees were from well-known, top firms including Ekuinas, Khazanah, KWAP, SOCSO, and many more.