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What is Dynamic Discounting?

Dynamic Discounting is a simply a smart, effective way to accelerate payments from your buyers. Instead of having to deal with long wait times (usually 90 days after your invoice was issued) to get paid for goods sold or services rendered to them, you otherwise get paid sooner with this financing solution.

All you have to do to benefit from Dynamic Discounting is submit your invoice to our platform. As for the rest, we will handle it.

Get paid from your buyer / buyer now, and get your cash flow moving.

How Dynamic Discounting Works?

When you use Dynamic Discounting, you are essentially using our clout and tech to help you get paid in advance from your buyers. How much earlier you’ll get paid will largely depend on how much discount you offer your buyers in return.

In most cases, the terms of this solution will be conditioned in such a way that the greater the discount you offer, the earlier the payment will be made.

Here’s a step-by-step illustration on how it works:

Create an account

Sign up (create a Business Account) with us, if you haven’t already.

Upload documents

Upload your outstanding invoice on our platform.


Once your invoice has been verified by our team, it will then be available on our platform for investors to review.

Get Offer

Should an investor offer to meet your financing request, you will then be prompted to “Accept” or “Reject” it at your own discretion.

How’s Dynamic Discounting Looks Like?

Don’t worry about the exact details, but the essence of Dynamic Discounting is this: The more discounts on offer, the earlier payment is made.

The best part about this solution is you, as an SME, get to choose at which point you take early payment, which you could then use the money to funnel into your business growth.

What Does it Cost You to Use Dynamic Discounting?

Our costs and charges are always transparent, and we’ll never charge you without your permission. We only charge a platform fee of up to 4% of your total invoice amount when you have successfully utilised this Dynamic Discounting:

Here’s a real-life example of what our loyal business user paid. Click here to view.

Is Dynamic Discounting Right for Me?

If you would like to get paid earlier from your buyer so that you could use that money to improve cash flow or meet upcoming expenses, then Dynamic Discounting will be perfect for you. The only mininum requirements for eligibility are the following:

  • Company only and must be Malaysian registered
  • 6 months or more in operations
  • Must have invoice amount between RM5,000 and RM2,000,000