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Share yours, inspire theirs

Calling all entrepreneur! We are looking for any sharing of your business, your entrepreneurship story. Entrepreneurship is challenging and though, only a few of them succeed and you are one of them that we looking for! Share your story, your challenges and experience, inspire others who want to be an entrepreneur, those who go after their…

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How To Increase Your Business Cash Flow

Strong cash flow is an essential element for business. By improving your cash flow, you can plan and budget your business’ future growth. It also helps you handle your daily and monthly business responsibilities and spending. Here are six ways that can help you increase your business cash flow. Forecast your business cash flow Plan…

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LendingStar Tutorial: Project Creation

Getting Started Once you complete your registration and ID verification, you can now create a new project with a few simple step as below:   To start your new project, go to your dashboard and click ” Create Project”.     Click “Invoice to Cash” and fill in your invoice details: invoice amount, invoice date and…

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LendingStar Tutorial: ID Verification

Getting Started Once the registration process is completed, there is one more step that you need to do before you can start your funding project.   Go to dashboard, click “Menu” button.   Click “My Profile”   Click “Verify ID” to begin ID verification process   Click “Start Verification”     Take a photo with…

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LendingStar Tutorial: Registration

Getting Started LendingStar is an invoice financing marketplace that allowed business owner sell their invoice and receivable for instant cash. During the registration process, we require both business owner and investor register them self with actual and valid personal information. Refer below step for business account registration tutorial. To register the business account, visit and…

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Malaysia SME Financing Approval Rate

SME financing has never been easy and we often hear about business loan applications being rejected by a bank. Although there is an alternative financing option for SMEs, a business loan from a financial institution is still the first choice for many local business owners. So, what is the real approval rate for SME financing in…

Alternate Financing For SMEs: Invoice Financing

SME owners are actively looking for funding sources, whether it’s funding for growth or regular cash injections. Is invoice financing one of the best options for them? Invoice finance is growing in popularity as a simple solution to a variety of financial funding needs overseas, but many local business owners have no idea what invoice financing is…

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