What problem do we solve?

Small businesses perceive traditional financing as slow and complex. Business owners usually encounter unpleasant experience during lengthy credit application process. Moreover, their credit applications are often rejected because they didn’t meet certain criteria.

Here, at LendingStar, it is different. A LendingStar account holder will see many investors with different preferences. We help you reach to the investors who are right for you.

Our benefits

Fast decisions
Get a funding decision within 3 hours, not 3 years. Pay nothing until you get funded.
Finance on-the-go
See which projects are funded and get notifications anytime and anywhere.
Safe to use
Two-factor authentication ensures safety of your personal information than sending documents via email.
Privacy & security
LendingStar uses data encryption to protect you and secure your personal and financial information.

LendingStar is a new marketplace finance.

LendingStar is marketplace finance connecting SMEs and investors. Small businesses get a chance to post projects that require funding. Investors search for projects, review and decide whether and which projects they want to fund.