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Two Great Financing Options.
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Invoice-to-Cash Financing
Turn your unpaid invoices into fast cash. With this option, you’ll get cash advances against your invoice rather than having to deal with long payment terms you’ve arranged with your buyers.

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Dynamic Discounting
Leverage on our size and tech to accelerate payments from your buyers. With this option, you’ll get paid sooner from them than you otherwise would have in the
payment terms laid out in your invoice.

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Helping SMEs like You Prosper and Thrive the World Over

See how our marketplace finance has helped some of our local SMEs gain a solid financial footing. Better yet, listen to their stories.

Case Studies

  • Task:
  • EL Communication, a software development company, was commissioned with developing mobile apps for its customer, Alfa Group, in October 2017. Despite being awarded with the job, it had agreed to receive its first payment only after 4 months, which is not an uncommon practice throughout the business world.
  • Action:
  • To get paid earlier, EL Communication opt for LendingStar’s solution. It signed up and submitted its outstanding invoice to LendingStar’s online platform, and LendingStar then did the rest.
  • Result:
  • Through LendingStar’s innovative solution, both parties were able to get more than what they had originally settled for. EL communication was able to get paid in advance while Alfa Group got a good 2% discount out of the solution.

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